Friday, December 19, 2014

FARMERAMA: Cookie Wonderland

Finally, the sweetest time of year is here! Put out the decorations, wrap the presents, start practicing those holiday tunes – and don’t forget the treats! The holidays just aren’t the same without yummy baked goodness. Come on down to FARMERAMA and help the animals gather enough ingredients and pastry bags to turn the farm into cookie heaven from December 19th until December 25th during our new event “Cookie Wonderland”!
The delicious aroma of anise and seasonal spices fill the air as the farm animals prepare to bake up a snowstorm. In anticipation of the warm and wintry goodies, sweet-toothed critters begin to line up for a taste of the first fresh batches. They can hardly wait to nibble on spritz cookies, cinnamon stars, spiced biscuits, anise cookies, and gingerbread. So many choices, it's impossible to choose a favorite! As usual, there are plenty of mouths to feed and lots of work to be done.
Take to the farm from December 19th until December 25th to satisfy your sweet tooth and lend a helping hand! The animals need you to make their “Cookie Wonderland” dreams come true. Jolly good fun and prizes await!

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